Security is of course our top priority, so here are all the things we do to ensure that Squads is the most secure multisig standard on Solana


Multiple Independent Audits

We work with some of the best security audit firms in the space.

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We strongly believe in the power of open source so we open sourced our codebase from day one.



Anchor is a development framework that allows to build more secure programs on Solana, developed by the great Armani Ferrante and the Coral team. Naturally, our on-chain program is written in Anchor and is Anchor verified.



We purposely made our on-chain codebase minimal to make sure that peer reviews were easy and accessible. Thus, our on-chain code is regularly being peer reviewed by the established teams in the Solana ecosystem.


On-going security checks

Any changes to the on-chain codebase are monitored by the Sec3 premium tool to make sure no new vulnerabilities are introduced.


Bug bounty

Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. Help us make the protocol even more secure and earn rewards in the process. By participating in our perpetual bug bounty program you can earn up to $300 000 in SOL per bug.

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